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London, W1D 3LL

Private Dining
In case haven’t had a chance to try November’s Cocktail of the Month yet, Xander has whipped up a nutty twist on a Pisco sour, complete with crushed almond rim for a touch of festive finesse.
Meet the talented and tenacious Taylor and Hugo. 

We are lucky enough to have not one, but two charming sous chefs leading the pass in the QV kitchen with the utmost panache. 🥰
We are delighted to invite you to join us in starting the year as we hope to go on: with excellent food, sparkling drinks and effervescent company, in the heart of Soho. 

In our upper chambers, we will be hosting a convivial supper to toast the New Year with old and new friends alike. This will include a bite, three feasting-style courses and a glass of champagne, and guests are more than welcome to join us in the Club before and after the meal. 

Should you wish to join us for a sophisticated supper in the Club or Downstairs Restaurants, we will be offering a reduced a la carte menu for the evening. Dynamite comes in small packages.
As lovers of beetroot in salads, we’ve taken a shine to this latest contrivance from @jeremyleeqv and team. 

The earthy beetroot is complemented by piquant pickled sardine and apple, with a touch of warmth from grated horseradish.
Behind the scenes with @jeremyleeqv bringing together QV quintessential suet pastry. After a bit of kneading and an egg wash or two, this will form the golden crown for today’s pie (chicken velouté, in case you were wondering).
Our favourite truffle-hound, Zak from @wiltshire_truffles, has provided us with plenty of white truffles, which will be available to purchase at cost price (£4 per gram) throughout November. To accompany them, we have crafted our own special menu of salsify, Jerusalem artichoke velouté, veal tartare and tagliatelle. Armed with your truffle, you may season the dishes to your hearts’ content. 

To book, please give us a minimum of 7 days’ notice and call reception on 02074379585 or email events@qvsoho.co.uk
Dearest Lily presenting the November QV à la carte❣️

The nights may be drawing in apace, but we're here to remind you of the delights in store this month and beyond. The seasons have been alarmingly bonkers lately, testing the mettle of our dear suppliers and kitchen marvels, but rest assured, they've come up trumps.

On meeting the menu, you may notice a co-mingling of dear old friends and welcome interlopers. We welcome back the Fegato alla Veneziana with open arms (and mouths), while excitement mounts for the debut of a sublime beetroot and pickled sardine salad. Were you to search for a manifestation of the term indulgence, belly of pork, braised exceedingly slowly with chilli, fennel seed and rosemary, then baked for that all-important crispy skin, might just do the trick.

Through the month, we will be offering an additional special menu, crafted to complement the white truffle, ever so politely.
StreetSmart’s work over the past 20 years has been hugely significant in helping the lives of those affected by homelessness, and we are very pleased to be joining them in their campaign once more. 

This means that during the months of November and December you, dear diners, will have the option to add £1 to your bill. @streetsmartuk then donates the entirety of these funds directly to wonderful local and partner charities, who are working on the ground. We thank you in advance for your support 💛.
The nights are drawing in at mid-afternoon, and we hear a storm is brewing. Best settle in by the fire with a glass (or two) of something delicious.

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